Jio Lottery Winner 2022 List

jio lottery winner 2022

Dear Lovers of Jio Lottery! This is very easy to participate in Jio Lucky Draw, and you don’t need any registration for this. Now KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) Jio Lottery is connected to all sim cards, and your mobile number will be included in Jio lucky winner 2022 by following some easy steps. So do you want to add your name to the Jio KBC lottery 2022? It is effortless with us now because you are in the right place here. Just call us KBC WhatsApp Number and get complete details of the Jio KBC lottery.

Jio Lottery Winner 2022 List

Jio Lottery Winner 2022: Kaun Banga Crorepati says that Mr. Dilbar Hussain has been the most successful Jio Lottery winner in 2022, winning a giant lottery of 25 lakhs. Everybody wants to win the Jio Lottery 2022 regardless of whether they are officially registered with JIO KBC. They don’t have to confirm the numbers of the head offices that will be displayed on the official JIO KBC 2022 website. Many people want to discredit this Game Show.

Latest KBC Jio Lottery Winner Number List 2022

No.Jio Winner 2022 NameLottery AmountMobile NumberLottery Number
1Mr. Sunil Kumar25,00,000897******2568991
2Mr. Sagar Krishna Raut25,00,000693******01289910
3Mr. Mithun Kumar Sharma25,00,000775******2540150
4Mr. Dhanjee Chuhan25,00,000885******3252244
5Ms. Lubna Kumari25,00,000769******0361122
6Ms. Aditya Pawan25,00,000699******45800786
7Mr. Lolan Das25,00,000985******6500044

Check Your KBC Jio Lottery Online 2022

How can you Locate Jio Lottery 25 Lakh Fake Call on Your Mobile?

If you receive any Jio Lottery Number 8991 or 89915, 89914, 89910, 89919, 0150, 89917, then firstly confirm this lottery number is correct or not. Also, Alert From Jio KBC Lottery Fake WhatsApp Calls 00923***, And +923*** are PAKISTANI Numbers Don’t call on these numbers. These Numbers are doing Fraud in the name of Jio Lottery Winner 2022 and KBC All India Sim Card Lucky Draw Competition 2022 Jio.

If you got any Jio Lottery Winner WhatsApp call regarding Jio 25 Lakh Lottery or Jio 25 Lakh Lottery Winner, please call us at KBC Head Office KBC Jio Head Office Number is 0019188444477.

How can I save myself from Jio Lottery fraud?

Follow the following guidelines to save yourself from Jio Lottery fraud 2022

  • Please don’t deposit money in the accounts of those persons who call you from international numbers or Pakistani numbers.
  • We already mentioned the number formats above.
  • Kindly don’t do anything until you check your Jio lottery in our database.
  • Don’t follow any guidelines given by an anonymous person over the call until you confirm by calling on KBC Jio Head Office on this number 0019188444477.
  • You don’t need to take any action if you don’t have an exact lottery number with you which will be provided by an authorized person of Jio Lottery Winner.
  • Do not visit any website provided by an anonymous person over the phone.

you can Protect from KBC Jio Number List Fake WhatsApp Calls

Some fraud people may call you on your WhatsApp number and give you good news that your name is listed in KBC Jio number Jio Lottery Winner 2022 or KBC Lottery Winner etc. And they will ask you to deposit some money in their accounts for some tax or charges to their bank accounts. But it is necessary to be aware that if you receive such calls, you have to take immediate action and call the Jio KBC head office WhatsApp number, which is +19188444477.

They may send you an email or SMS alert to show you that they are official Jio officers. We warn you to protect yourself from all these kinds of fraud. That is the only reason we established a Jio lottery information center here. Now you can check your KBC Jio Number 2022 online by using our website. You can also check your name in our provided official Jio Lottery Winner List 2022.

If you are not registered in the Jio Lottery Number yet, don’t delay calling us right away and getting your official Jio KBC Lottery Number. Jio Lottery Winner

Do you have Jio Lottery Number? No! Don’t Worry, Call at KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number Right Away! +19188444477

Jio Lucky Draw 2022 Lucky Number

Another good news for you is now we are also available on WhatsApp on this number 0019188444477. Suppose you don’t have credit to call us simply WhatsApp us. You may text us on WhatsApp for Jio Lottery 2022 registration, complaints, and 24/7 support. Get your lucky number and participate in Jio Lucky Draw 2020 and see your name in Jio Lottery Winner 2022 and become yourself a millionaire in a day.

Many people use cruel ways to earn money. They use fake IDs, phone calls, Whatsapp, IMO Calls, or Gmail SMS. These methods are stealing from the people in the Indian state of India. Remember that we are relaying information to the citizens from an Indian state. Be safe from these stoic people.

If the citizens of our state receive text messages, Lottery papers, Id calls, be sure to get in touch with us immediately through our webpage. This is the sole official page for KBC within India. Other websites are fake or fake.

KBC Jio Lucky Draw 2022 All India Sim Card Competition Winners List

  1. Mr.Sagar Krishan Raut From Kanpur, Utter Pradesh, India Lottery Amount 25,00,000 INR KBC Lottery No 8991.
  2. Mr.Sunil Kumar From Bathinda, Punjab, India Lottery Amount 25,00,000 INR Lottery No 8991.
  3. Mr.Rattan Lal From Gurgaon, New Dehli, Dehli, India Lottery Amount 15,00,000 INR.
  4. Mr.Sachin KR From Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India Lottery Amount 25,00,000 INR.
  5. Miss.Mahajabee Akhtar From Kolkata, West Bengal, India Lottery Amount 25,00,000 INR.
  6. Mr.Mithon Kumar Sharma From Rajkot, Gujrat, India Lottery Amount 25,00,000 INR KBC Lottery No 89910.
  7. Ms.Aadrika From Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Lottery Amount 35,00,000 INR.
  8. Miss.Ganesa From Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India Lottery Amount 35,00,000 INR.
  9. Mr.MD.Zohaib Alam From Hyderabad, Telangana, India Lottery Amount 25,00,000 INR.
kbc jio lottery winner 2022

The scammer calls you on your Jio WhatsApp number and tells you that you’ve identified as a Jio KBC Lottery Winner 2022, Jio Lucky Winner, Jio Lucky Draw Winner, and asks you to pay tax/charges on their bank accounts.
Suppose you get a fraudulent call regarding Jio WhatsApp Lottery Call, Airtel WhatsApp Lucky Winner Call, or Jio Winner WhatsApp Lottery Winner Call.

In that case, you verify it with the KBC Head Office number; at One time, the number is 0019188444477. KBC All India Simcard Lucky Draw Competition